My only question

Nothing last forever. Not the diamonds, not even stars. Could our feelings and memories last... even after life?

sábado, mayo 24

Humpty Dumpty is full of shit. I hate you. Fuck you Tyche.

I never realized I was broken until I come undone into pieces. Now, I'm mostly a carcass of once I was. They try to cheer me up by saying I would live a functional life, however, when you are naked facing people, without any masks, without a shelter, crippled by pain, bloated with mental feces... life is not the same... life will never be the same after dying in society. I'm gonna try to be another person because I'm dead. Once I was person... but now, I don't even know what the fuck am I anymore...

Life is the only stuff I got left, that's the only thing I have. I was dying, but now I'm dead. I was born again but I'm nothing... I'm nothing anymore.

I'm nothing for you.

Life will never be the same.

...I'm not the same... Who the fuck am I?....

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